New Blog

I'm starting a blog as a new way to share with all of you more about me as an artist and what I do behind the scenes of my job. 

As a fairly introverted person I've been reluctant for a long time to start one, worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with the content or be comfortable putting myself out there. Social media in general has always been a laborious task to me, some people seem to take to it so naturally, but I can't get past the anxiety of exposing myself for an audience. That being said, I do love finding other like-minded individuals who share the same passions I do, and having followers who admire and support your work is wonderful and essential for when things have you feeling down.  

I can't ever describe how much my work means to me, and how much I love my job. It is a dream come true and is constantly giving me new goals to strive for. I find inspiration and motivation plentiful and hope to share that enthusiasm and passion with all of you through this blog!