Fashion Week Illustrated: PFW

Finishing up my Fashion Week Illustrated series with Paris, the city of elegant and chic fashion.  I most look forward the Chanel show here, they are my favourite to watch, the effort and attention to detail put into the overall theme makes them so immersive.


Alexander McQueen

I loved the natural references throughout the collection, especially the butterfly references, because it's so reminiscent of earlier McQueen collections.  I sketched a beautiful fringed dress. Really long fringe dresses like this have been showing up for a few seasons now, but I'm happy to see they're still around because the movement of them makes for great sketches.




I have been all about Valentino lately, the flow of colour throughout the collections is so beautifully done.  The oversized florals really caught my eye this season.



Giambattista Valli

The designer described this collection as a mix of 70's and global references, so there was certainly a lot of options to work from.  I ended up going with a short pink floral dress because it had the romantic aesthetic that I always look for with Giambattista Valli, which is also one my favourite Haute Couture designers.




This is actually a British brand, but they presented in Paris so they've ended up in this post.  Although the look of this was very London Fashion Week, basically over-the-top tea party.  I really liked the classic British florals in the bold colours of these dresses, plus a matching hat!




Dries Van Noten

Not a surprise that I'd choose this one. Another designer I can depend on for a mix of inspiring prints and colours. This one had to be done in a 3 look sketch.  I don't think I've ever loved purple and yellow/green together, but my mind has been changed!




This collection had a ton of beautiful black and white pieces that I absolutely loved the shapes of, so much so I wanted to save them for some pieces in the future.  I chose to sketch something completely different, this one incorporating a mix of textures, leather, fur contrasted with the loose flowing pant.  I also don't often choose animal print to work with, but I thought it was well done for this look.




Saving the best for last!  You can't argue that Chanel shows are some of the most creative, the latest fall themed one is no exception.  It was really difficult to narrow it down, but this one particular look felt so Chanel-chic and the beautiful mixes of texture and the colour palette was perfectly on theme.