Red Carpet: Academy Awards 2018

A little late in getting this up since it's been a busy work month! However I can never pass up an opportunity to sketch Haute Couture, so I found myself last Sunday searching through photos from the Oscars Red Carpet for anything that would catch my eye.  Happy to have found a couple of my more recently favourite designers as well as some old classics.


Margot Robbie - Chanel

I loved this Chanel Couture show. Seeing the dress worn outside of the show setting, it was instantly recognizable.  A beautiful example of a white gown that doesn't go too bridal.



Taraji P. Henson - Vera Wang

A very flattering dress, that's both romantic and sexy.  It has a great shape and movement to it, the intricate silhouette is balanced with the simple black colour.



Gal Gadot - Givenchy

Always inspired by 20's silhouettes and glittering dresses!



Zendaya - Giambattista Valli

As you may know, this one of my favourite couture designers. Loved the rich brown colour, it's actually a great choice for a red carpet. In the runway show photos I found the gown looked much darker, however, here the reflected light of the red carpet gave the colour beautiful dimension.




Samara Weaving - Schiaparelli

Another one of my favourite couture designers! (Because who doesn't love a good lobster dress?)  This colour palette was instantly recognizable to me as Schiaparelli. I love the hidden pops of colour and the modern take on a Grecian dress.