Fashion Week Illustrated: MFW

Milan Fashion Week is always the one I most look forward to. Mostly because of Dolce & Gabbana, which is my all time favourite line to sketch.  In my opinion, many Italian designers make strong statements that are still very stylish, it's like a sexy version of whimsical fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana

Might as well start off with my favourite! I'd sketch the whole collection if I could. I'm obsessed with the Dolce aesthetic.  It's dramatic, luxurious, and boldly feminine. If I could first own, and then have an occasion to wear a D&G gold crown, it would complete my life. Narrowing down exactly what to sketch was hard, but I opted for a red colour palette, with a ton of accessories of course.



Overall the silhouette was box-like for this one with a lot of strong shoulders.  The square shape was echoed in some of the pieces with prints, which I really liked, so I chose a fringed piece with a metallic diamond pattern.




Emilio Pucci

I just love Pucci prints! That's always what draws me to sketch this designer.




This collection had a beautiful earthy palette with an eclectic mix of prints. The prints were culturally very different, so together it had a great global/bohemian vibe. I think the mixing of prints was so successful because of the more subdued colours.



This reminded me a lot of the Etro show, take out the print variety and add in some colour. I especially liked the asymmetrical colour blocking of this piece.


Alberta Ferreti

This was a very wearable glamour collection.  I was really drawn to the metallic plaid prints, especially the gold on the purple in this particular look. 



Giorgio Armani

I absolutely loved the beautiful vibrant jewel tones in some of the pieces.  The saturation was so beautiful I decided halfway through the sketch to change to a dark background to exaggerate it. Giorgio Armani usually has some great colour combinations that I'm drawn to.



That's it for Milan! Sadly I was a little disappointed in the Gucci show.  It was a popular one to sketch on social media, but for me it just didn't click.  I couldn't find anything that really caught my eye, maybe the styling was too gimmicky for my taste.  I don't often like art (fashion in this case) that uses a shock value to get your attention, it seems carelessly thought out. Comment below if you agree or disagree, or have any thoughts on the collections above. I'll be posting Paris sketches later this week.