2017 Year in Review

New Year's is my favourite time of year. Which sounds strange, but I'm a little nerdy and love the idea of a party celebrating getting back to routine! December is my busiest month of the year, this year especially, my schedule was completely filled with live sketch events and commission work, I usually finish off exhausted, adrenaline filled and ready for some time off. 

However, those who know me well know that the exhaustion only lasts for a couple of days before boredom sets in quickly and I'm eager to get back to work. I'm a bit of a workaholic... but I genuinely love the feeling of creating. Nothing makes me happier than the process of my work so too much time off and I get restless. I believe the key to me feeling happy and fulfilled is constant growth.  I'm not a complacent person, I'm at my best when I have a goal and something to do.

Although, everyone needs a rest, myself included, so to keep my spirits up during this time and avoid those dark freelancer/artist thoughts that creep in telling you that you haven't accomplished enough, I wanted to reflect on how far I've come this past year.  I think gratitude for what has already come my helps me maintain a positive perspective that will help my maintain this career path long term. 

As you would always hope for your career, this past year was the biggest one yet. Working chronologically, the first big highlight was at New York Fashion Week in February and getting to sketch backstage at Delpozo.  Delpozo is absolutely one of my favourite designers. I admire  Josep Font's creativity immensely, the colour, shapes and patterns he uses are balanced so perfectly. To be able to meet him and sketch his work so closely is something I'll never forget. 



Of course one of the most exciting things this year was the launch of my Jergens Limited Edition Bottle Designs.  This was something that I had been working on for over a year and was such a surreal experience to see the bottles in stores.  The commission was definitely an inspiration for me to expand my work into other directions, I'm planning on getting into pattern design in addition to my illustration work this coming year.



Finally, my last huge highlight of 2017 was sketching at São Paulo Fashion Week.  I love live sketching fashion shows, but to be able to do it in Brazil, where the fashion is so colourful and bold made the experience that much better.  I'll be back in São Paulo a couple of times in 2018 so if I don't make it in time for Fashion Week again I'll definitely be on the look out for street style. 



These of course are just the big moments, but 2017 also marked a lot of growth in my work.  New clients and opportunities, but also new directions for me to take my work.   I'm closing out this year with what feels like an endless supply of inspiration and ideas. The goal for 2018 is to find this time to execute them all... not a bad problem to have!  

Happy New Year!!

Jergens 100th Anniversary Bottle Designs

This summer marked the release of my collaboration with Jergens Lotion, to celebrate their 100th Anniversary! They approached me early last year with the project, and I was thrilled to take it on. This would be my first opportunity to design artwork for packaging, something I was curious to explore.  Fast forward to now, and seeing my bottles on the shelves in drug stores is incredibly exciting every time.

The idea behind these designs was to take the fluid watercolours and vibrant colour palettes of my fashion work and translate it into print.  I wanted to keep my signature style, without using figures or fashion elements, two things that are normally a huge part of my work.   

Here's the final four designs that are available in Canada


If you haven't already, you can read my full interview about the collection here

The experience from this has sparked an interest for me to further explore pattern and print creation using my watercolour aesthetic.  I'll be spending the next few months creating my first collection of textile prints so stay tuned!